Hey dolls!

Yesssss, finally an outfit post!

I was picturing a perfect sunny summer day to shoot this post but sadly, we've had bad weather and low temperatures for about a week now. I was just happy that it wasn't raining at the time we were shooting.

This is my favorite summer dress and although I'm not like 'uh, okay, this is trending, I'm gonna wear it', maxi dresses are one of the 2015 summer trends and I fell in love with them. Grey, black, white, red, ... ANY COLOR. I love them.
I was so happy I found this one on sale and I got it for like 10€. YAY!
I've actually been more into dresses for the past few weeks/months than in any part of my life (no, I wasn't an all-pink-princess-kind-of-girl).

If you're following me on instagram where I'm posting more often, you probably know that I'm more into black and white clothes and minimalistic accessories. So, you've probably noticed something unusual around my neck, right?

This necklace was made by Katja Koselj, well known Slovenian unique jewellery designer and I love the colors, I think they made my day at least a bit better and brought the feeling of summer.

If you're interested in making your own piece you can contact Katja through e-mail at and sign up you and your friends to a jewellery workshop in AUGUST (groups get lower price).

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Deichmann
Backpack: Sheinside


  1. Čudovit outfit! :)

    Maxi obleke so meni res super, ker sem v njih bolj sproščena pa še udobne so.
    Samo preden pridem do kakšne, mi že vse številke poberejo oz. ostanejo tiste najmanjše.

    Pa ta barva las ti zelo paše! Že samo zaradi tvoje lepe polti :)

    1. Se strinjam glede oblek, sem bila nadvse srečna, da sem jo sploh še dobila, ker je bilo že vse pobrano, sploh pri teh znižanjih. :D
      Najlepša hvala! x

  2. Joj, meni si bila pa prej ful boljša (upam da ne zameriš) s temnimi lasmi, nekako je tudi šminka boljše prišla do izraza :) Ampak je fino da malo probavaš, si pogumna!

    Maxi krila so the best, najboljša za poletje :)

  3. Waaau kakšna top ogrlica! Res poživi basic oblekco :)