Cellulite & how to deal with it

Body positivity is not just about other people liking and accepting you, it's about YOU loving YOURSELF no matter the size of your thighs, the number of your stretch marks or the amount of your cellulite. It is about loving yourself and others, with each and every one of your - or their - 'flaws', no matter the age, race or gender.

Hello, it's me. Laughing at anyone laughing at me. For doing what I do. For looking like I do. The most important thing in life in my opinion is to appreciate everything life has to over, do what you love and love yourself for who you are, no matter what others think. 

I've been following Ashley Graham and reading her book and the two girls I've been stalking on the 'gram recently are the AnyBody duo, Kate and Georgia. It's definitely a game changer for me, seeing all these women, perfectly happy with every stretch mark, each with her own cellulite story and touching thighs.

After years of being told (by others and myself) that I am fat and should lose weight, not going to the pool with my friends, not wanting to put on a bikini because they would see my stretch marks and being insecure about my whole existence, this is the year I decided it's over. This is the year I will proudly wear a bikini, tankini, monokini or whatever I will want and like, no matter how much of my cellulite and how many of my stretch marks will be visible. And let me tell you, my thighs will be touching.

After all, cellulite, stretch marks, body hair and wrinkles are all a normal part of the body, male or female, so why should we feel embarrased by any of that? But because I do know how it feels when you want something to be gone/reduced and I have been getting questions about the products I am using, I decided to write this post.


Here are my tips and tricks on how to deal with cellulite!

1. Love yourself
That's the first step to dealing with any little 'flaw' you dislike about yourself. Cellulite can be treated, stretch marks will fade and acne can be cured. When you love yourself, anything is possible!

2. Stay hydrated
Water is the source of life, and that isn't just a made up quote. Metabolism needs a little kick of warm water in the morning, drinking enough will give you glowy skin and I know will get a headache if I don't drink enough. And one thing I learned recently - water will also help you reduce cellulite. Bring a bottle with you everywhere you go, especially in these hot summer days!

3. Workout
The thing I've been avoiding the most but now keeps me relaxed and makes me feel so much better. If you don't know how to start or you want to take things slow, try this 7 minute workout and work from there. There's also an app for this workout that also reminds you to do it!

4. Body brushing
Body brushing stimulates lypmhatic system, removes dead skin cells and helps reduce orange skin. It's easy to do at home and very relaxing for you. You can use the brush by itself and apply oil or lotion afterwards, or use it with oil on the brush. It's recommended you do it in the morning because its energizing qualities.

5. Eat in moderation
Eating healthy is definitely one of the steps that will help you reduce cellulite, so try to eat less processed and fast food and more seasonal and locally-grown fruits & veggies. Okay, I'm guilty on this one, so go ahead and treat yourself with a good ice cream now and then.

6. Use anti-cellulite products
Just like there are shampoos and oils for shiny hair, just like there are nail hardening polishes for stronger nails, so are the anti-cellulite gels and creams. Maybe it's contradictory to promote anti-cellulite products and treatments in a body positive post, maybe not, but I believe that there is always room for improvement and you can ALWAYS love yourself a little more. Let it be a new hair color, a new manicure or a little smoother thigh. I am currently using Leocrema Cell active gel that promises results in 4 weeks, but I noticed changes on my thighs in the first week and now after two weeks, I can say the products is really working. You can get it here with 20% discount when using NATASA20!

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