Hey dolls!
I am finally done with high school, summer is already here and that also means - back to blogging!
My comeback post is featuring two of Bell Hypoallergenic concealers - liquid and stick concealer. I am sure we all aim at covering up those designer dark circles under our eyes, especially after exam period - and nothing fixes our problem quicker than a good concealer. I've tried stick and liquid - find out which one has my heart below!

STICK CONCEALER (get it HERE)I have never been a fan of stick concealers, because I don't like the formula and I just think it doesn't come out as I wish it would. Although I was sceptic about using it, I gave it a try anyways. I myself am as pale as a yoghurt, so I am using the lightest shade 01. I love how it matches my skin and covers up my dark circles at the same time. However, I did notice that it creases a bit, especially if I forget to bake.

LIQUID CONCEALER (get it HERE)Okay, let's get it straight - It replaced my Catrice Velvet finish concealer that I have been obsessing about for the past few weeks aaaaand *drumroll* Bell's is currently my favorite concealer! A light liquid formula with a little of yellow undertone covers my bags perfectly and when I add the transparent powder (I'm using this one CLICK) it doesn't crease. Loving it!

FINAL THOUGHTAs stated - not a big fan of stick concealers but this one does it's job and comes out great. If you look at the comparison picture, they turn out pretty much the same, so if you bake at the end - both of them will last for the day.

*You can buy your favorite Bell products HERE and all my Slovenian readers can also get them at Maxi, Nama and Tuš cosmetic stores.

Thanks for reading!