Artistry - Pacific Lights collection

Hey dolls!

By now you probably all know how the Artistry's products always surprise me and how I love them,
right? I got to test two lip glosses and a 3D face powder. Read on to find out how I liked them!

Why that name? Because when you open it *taaa-daaa* a little light turns on, so the application is much easier and there's also a small mirror on the bottle.
Although I am not a big fan of lipglosses I decided to give Artistry a try. The fact that it isn't sticky as most of the glosses is a big plus. Citrus has quite a lot of shimmer in it, while Wild Berry doesn't. So there's definetly a shade and the amount of shimmer for everyone in this collection. I wouldn't wear it by itself but over a nice mathcy lipstick. It's quite moisturizing on the lips and also a bit minty, the cold feeling on your lips makes you think you're using a lip plumper (although you're not) and it's perfect for the summer.
I tried two shades - Wild Berry and Citrus, here are the swatches:

This powder contains 5 different shades in shimmering bronze, pink and golden tones, which you can use separately as highlighters, bronzers or even eyeshadows, but mixing them all together will give you that perfect summer glow. I absolutely looove the pigmentation of the colors and how they turn out individually, so this will definitely be my on-the-go product this summer, since it comes in a small package and fits in every bag.

Thanks for reading!