For killer eyelashes: LUX FACTOR Wild Eyelash Volume serum

Hey dolls!
After using the serum for about two months I have finally prepared a review for you! We all aim for darker, longer and fuller eyelashes, but we usually reach for expensive mascaras. Why not try something to make your natural eyelashes better and prepare a good base before putting on make-up? Lux Factor eyelash serum is the key. Read on if you want to know how it helped me.

HOW IT WORKS Apply the serum twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) to get the best results. You can apply make-up afterwards, just wait a few minutes for the serum to absorb. After 2-4 weeks the effect should start showing. But be patient - every person is different and some things need more time. The serum helps making your eyelashes longer, fuller and darker, with up to 85% more volume. It stimulates growth of new lashes and prevents breaking and falling out. It's natural and suitable even for people with sensitive eyes. Fun fact: it also helps eyebrows to grow faster. MY EXPERIENCE As previously stated, I have been using the serum for two months and I am loving the results. It took about three weeks before the results started showing but now the difference is truly visible. I am only maintaining the lenght with applying the serum only once a day or even just every other day. Once I apply the mascara, they get reaaaally long - I even received several questions whether or not these are my real lashes or am I wearing falsies or extensions.

(Photo: my natural eyelashes, after two Lux Factor treaments.)
I am now also using them on my brows, because I always had a problem with thin and fair brows. After a few days of using the serum on them, they started growing faster and I hope they will soon get fuller. I would definitely recommend using this product, because it helped me a lot and I am really happy with the results.

Thanks for reading. Love, N