Deichmann Brunch: Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection

Deichmann prepares a lovely brunch at the turn of every season. Yesterday was that day and we gathered in the lovely Cafe Revolucionist in the City Museum Ljubljana.

I must admit, I combed the entire store and website daaays before the event, just because I always love their pieces, whether it be shoes or bags. And remember my post about how I impulsively bought the shoes that JUST arrived THAT exact day? Here they are, and I also wore them to the brunch.

I LOOOOVE them! And to everyone that keep asking me whether they're comfortable or not - YES, yes they are. New shoes usually pinch me, to the point that I get a bunch of blisters, but not those! <3

And before I continue rambling about my love for these babies, let's focus on the main theme of today's post - the event.

The place was perfect - combining new trends and nostalgic Slovenian songs - with Karin Škufca, Eva Ahačevčič and Zlata Okugić on the runway and Urban Grabenšek and Ivana Honsić behind the piano and microphone.

Of course, brunch wouldn't be a brunch without a good coffee, croisants and bunch of other great snacks and desserts!

... And us bloggers photographing everything!

I love everyything about fall - the colors, the trends, the sound of high heels hitting the ground and leaves rustling. 

Deichmann's new collection has something for everybody - whether you're a fan of oxford shoes because you like to stay on the ground, if you love a little heel there's a perfect pair of ankle boots for you out there, and if you're a sporty type, get yourself a pair of colourful and sparkly sneakers. Don't forget to pair your shoes with a perfect new bag with special details!