A night in Hotel Monsieur || Paris, France

Bonjour, Madame Mernik ...

Hotel Monsieur, located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, greeted us on Sunday at around 1pm and we got the keys to our Deluxe room on the 4th floor. Although the room seemed a bit small in the beginning, it turned out to be a perfect fit for two. A king size bed, a gorgeous white-tiled bathroom and a separate toilet. And the best part of the room - a balcony with a view on the city streets. 
I hope you follow me on instagram, because I shared a full room tour on my instastory! 

The location is perfect - just a few minutes of walking will get you to Moulin Rouge, Sacre-Coeur, Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. Don't hesitate on buying a metro ticket and learn about the underground city connections that will take you everywhere. 

Le petit déjeuner

I love hotel breakfasts, no doubt. And this one was no different. We came into the dining room with red velvety sofa cover, book shelves and paintings, tempting smell of fresh coffee and croissants. From toast to chocolate bagels, orange and mango juice, jam and nutella, fruits and gluten free foods - you name it. 

To know more about the lovely Monsieur, check their website HERE.

I would like to thank Sarah, Sonia and the hotel personnel for their hospitality as we loved staying there! Hope to see you soon!