Curves in lingerie || LISCA

You're too this, you're too that, you have cellulite, why are you even a blogger, you will never make it... 
For some reason, a lot of people are worried about another's person success and failure more than they are of their own. So my dear, when someone tries to bring you down, prove them wrong with your very best performance. Cause hey, a curvy blogger just made it to Lisca lingerie magazine, why wouldn't you be able to do something as amazing?  


After my post about cellulite, a few bikini shots from my vacation and an interview with Cosmopolitan that declared me as Slovenian Ashley Graham (who is, by the way, my absolute role model), I got a special kind of e-mail. The one that shocked, surprised and made me extra happy at the same time. Lisca wanted to collaborate with ME. 

I absolutely love the fact that Lisca offers a wide range of lingerie and swimsuits for different shapes and sizes, where you can always find something for yourself - whether you just need a basic T-shirt bra or a sexy bodysuit. 

I said yes, of course, as I love the brand (I still remember my first Lisca swimsuit from 10 years ago) and I'm always up for a challenge, but also because it's time for us women to be confident, happy and positive about our bodies. Because no matter how short or tall, how curvy or skinny - we're all beautiful and perfect in our own ways.

Remember that, and always love your body.

Lisca magazine is available in all Lisca stores across Slovenia and on their website

Lingerie: Lisca
Shoes: Deichmann
Photo: Rok Tržan
Hair & make-up: Sergej Grosman

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