REVIEW: Artistry Hydra-V + GIVEAWAY

"Introducing ARTISTRY HYDRA-V, a comprehensive collection of hydrating skincare products inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, designed to provide a complete, targeted system for both immediate and lasting deep hydration benefits. With completely new formulas, the products look and feel as fresh and youthful as the way they leave skin. Designed to achieve the best hydration for every skin type. The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection is the ultimate in pure hydration. Skin surges with vitality and feels refreshingly beautiful," is stated on Atristry's official website. The collection consists of fresh foaming cleanser, fresh softening lotion, vital skin serum concentrate, refreshing gel, nourishing gel cream, replenishing moisture cream and refreshing eye gel cream.

I don't have a lot of problems with my skin in general (thankfully), but I do get my cheeks a bit dry, usually when the colder days come by. I did have quite big problems with foundations that made them even drier so after changing my foundation (I also stared using Bell's CC cream, but I'll save that for another post) and using the Artistry's Hydra-V products my skin is even smoother and also cleaner.

I tried the foaming cleanser and moisture cream. And what do I think about them? Read on.


It's a colourless gel with a formula, developed for all skin types. The skin can either be dampen with warm water or you can mix a drop of water with the gel so the appliance is easier. Applying in circular motion creates little bubbles that you massage evenly over the entire face. After that, just rinse with warm water and voila! You can already see the difference in how your skin look and feels.

Also, as a person that with quite sensitive skin, I can say I didn't have any problems with burning or redness after the use. In the time od using it, I also noticed I didn't get any breakouts and my skin even got better - I got rid of a few little pimples I had. YAY

So, besides the nice smell, this product helps to hydrate your skin and makes your skin looking clean and fresh!

I am definetly continuing my use of this cleanser and if you like what you've heard, check out the GIVEAWAY at the end of the post!


After rinsing of the foaming cleanser and drying my face I applied this moisture cream. It is suitable for all skin types but is formulated for normal to dry skin. This product also has a really nice and calming smell. I always applied it in the evening, before I went to bed, so my skin got hydrated and stayed hydrated until the morning.

I noticed my skin - especially my then dry cheeks - got a lot better and the application of make-up, especially foundation, is now much easier and the whole make-up looks a lot nicer.

I would definetly recommend purchasing the Hydra-V products, especially to people with dry skin. I am definetly going to continue using both of the products since and they did to my skin was good and I am really pleased with them.

Slovenian readers can get theirs HERE.

And since I love my readers and the Slovenian team at Amway was so nice to send me two of the cleansers, I am giving one to YOU! Enter the rafflecopter below - the steps aren't mandatory but the more of them you do, the more chance of winning you have! And don't forget to share the giveaway with your friends!


N xx

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