REVIEW: BELL Hypoallergenic CC cream

Hey dolls!
I've been planning a post about this product for a while (I promised to talk about it HERE) and I finally made a post about it --- the CC cream by BELL Hypoallergenic. Bell is a new brand on the Slovenian market to which I, along Katja and Nika, just became one of the official girls that will be testing their products and sharing the reviews with you giiiiirls! Who's excited?!? I know I am!  ♥
Firstly, I would like to tell you a bit more about the brand itself. 

It's a Polish brand, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, because their make-up products are hypoallergenic. I love this fact because my skin simply gets irritated with the wrong shower gel, night cream or even mascara, so I'm really excited to try even more products.

What's a CC cream? I know most of you already know what that is but just to make sure - it's a color correcting cream with a light feeling and a great finish on your skin. So - If we get into the review... I was really happy that the shade (01 - porcelain) matched my skin, because I usually have problems with getting really light shades of foundation or colored creams.

It may seem that I only do 'good' reviews and never tell you any cons of the products I use, but I post so little that I usually just tend to share the reviews of the things I like. I have been using the Bell's CC cream for about a month now and I really love it!
It doesn't have that much of a coverage so I mostly use it on the days that I feel my skin looks good and I have no little breakouts. It evens the skin tone perfectly and really feels light on your face - in a combination of a good concealer and finish powder just to set everything, it can be all you'll need on your skin throughout the day. 

I know some of you are probably wondering -- where did she get that cute little plate?!? It's a jewellery holder from a cute little store in Ljubljana - SMILE concept store (click). Stay tuned for new posts, because I have some cute gifts prepared for you in collaboration with SMILE and they are perfect for Christmas! ;)

I hope you liked this post & I am definitely looking forward to trying new BELL hypoallergenic products and sharing my thoughts with you girls! xx N